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Irish Handfasting Cloth

This beautiful Irish Handfasting Cloth will naturally blend in Irish wedding with its green colored embroidery and symbolism of ancient Celtic Irish knots and patterns. 
A part of our Green Celtic Knot bridal collection this fasting cloth features a combination of square shaped knotted patterns on each which frame romantic traditional phrases "Graim thu" -I love in Irish Gaelic, "Grá mo chroí" -Love of my heart, "Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas"-Love, Loyalty, Friendship or "Gra Go Deo"-With Love Forever- you can choose which one speak to you the most.
Of course we would not do without Claddagh ring- and it is there. embroidered in shades of gold for the heart, beautiful filigree crown, contours of skin colored hands of and dark green for lacy clover leaf shaped sleeves. 
Embroidery of Celtic Tree of Life in dark chocolaty brown on the middle encased in same big knotted ring which is to find on several other products from Erin Collection. 
Often used in Celtic bridal decorations, the Tree of Life symbol is very important for Celtic culture and beliefs. This symbol has ancient pagan roots, when rocks, streams, mountains and trees all embodied powers of nature coming together in a perfect balance and all have had shrines or offerings devoted to a deity residing there. 
A lacy chain of green, elongated, ornate Celtic knots on each side adds some softness to geometric patterns and brings magnificent symmetry to the whole composition.
Because the embroidery literally covers all the space of the cloth, your names and wedding date will be embroidered on the other side, if you like.
The fasting cloth is long enough to make traditional six knots around your joined hands- 184 cm, 13 cm wide.
The traditional fabric choice for the cloth is white,ivory and champagne - however, you it can be made of fabric in any other color if desired. 
The same about threads color- usually it is made in shades of green, golden and brown, but if you have other colors in mind, your cloth will be embroidered in your color combination.

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Irish Handfasting Cloth

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